Welcome To RomoTech

Rotational Molding Technologies (RomoTech) is an international provider of custom rotationally molded plastics and mold building services for original equipment manufacturers.
  Member ARMI



Contact us at :
67742 CR 23 Bldg. 1
New Paris, In 46553
(574) 831-6450
fax (574) 831-7450
Romotech is a rotational molder of compounds serving varied markets domestically and abroad. Our core competencies lie in consulting and tool manufacturing for each of our client’s specific needs. Additionally, we aid in the design and engineering of new or existing products. We have three molding machines working 24 hours on our 180,000 sq feet of production floor. We have the ability to respond to large volume production as well as the short run needs of our customers.



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